February 2018: Paris

So my first trip that kicked off my continuous travel habit was in February this year. If travelling to America is going ‘across the pond’, I guess crossing the channel is basically stepping over a puddle. Surprisingly, despite being one of our closest neighbours, travelling to France can be pricey (depending on when and where you go).

Anyway, our destination; Disneyland. (This is the point where you can call me an uncultured swine or similar insult). But the point is, a Disney holiday doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and leg (or gloves and some Mickey ears). The key is timing and getting the best deals at the right time. Naturally, the lower seasons (out of school holiday times and not during events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween) can bring prices down considerably, both for tickets and hotels.

I probably should mention that having been a former Cast Member myself, I did get some complimentary tickets from my pals (thanks guys) and discount on the hotel. Nevertheless, Disneyland Paris works on a season basis where pricing changes on the time of year. During the lower seasons (after Christmas and early spring) hotel and ticket prices are reasonable and Disney often have bundles for combined hotel and park tickets that sometimes have worked out better for us to do than use Cast Member discount. My recommendations would be Disney’s Hotel Sante Fe or Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. They’re pretty bog standard with some Disney theming but are a short distance away from the parks and an economical option when shared between a few people. Either way, I won’t be able to stay at the Disneyland Hotel in a Castle Club Suite on a budget. Additionally, by staying at a Disney Hotel you have the benefit of Extra Magic Time every day prior to the park opening to the majority of guests.

So a 1-day park ticket can be as low as £44 online and opening times vary but you’re usually looking at the park being open at least 12 hours. But if you compare to say Alton Towers which is £55 on the gate or £33 (five or more days booked in advance) and it’s rarely open beyond 10-6, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal for what you get at Disneyland. My personal choice for tickets, both for Disney and for other attractions is Attraction Tickets Direct. I’ve used them a few times and always have great service and most importantly, the lowest prices!

My favourite time to go in in the spring, around March or April where the weather can be glorious, the crowds are low and so are the prices. Though this February we encountered the ‘Beast from the East’ and ended up wearing our pyjama’s underneath our clothes. (Note to self, don’t go in February during widespread cold weather front dominating the continent). As always though, a magical time was had by all and I think we have another trip on the cards for 2019.

The universe is full of magic


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