The £100 holiday

Imagine you’ve got £100. What would you do with it? Buy some new clothes? Have a big night out? How far can £100 take you nowadays? A nice meal and a bottle of wine or maybe a new outfit, a pair of shoes if you’re lucky in the sale. Do you really get value for money and is it still possible to do so? For me, £100 is a chance for a couple of days away.

At the start of 2018, after reading some other travel blogs, I wondered if it would be possible for me to go on holiday every month and still manage to afford day to day life until the next payday. Nearly a year later, I’ve done pretty well and definitely been to various interesting places with some tales to tell. All on a £100 (or so) budget.

Thanks to the rise of low-cost carriers, especially in Europe, air travel is competitively priced and easily available. Equally, the likes of Airbnb and have made choices of accommodation expand from the traditional hotels, hostels and guesthouses to include apartments, campsites and homestays.

So with this in mind, I present to you the £100 holiday. One hundred of your finest sterling for flights and accommodation to wherever you can get to from your closest airport. Plus I like to take 100 euros (or equivalent currency) for spends whilst away. The benefit of the Eurozone being that any unused currency can be saved for the next trip. The Eurozone a good thing? Who has ever said that?.

Anyway, I will write about my monthly trips (and will have to recall some of the ones I’ve already been on) and how to go about planning, booking and experiencing a £100 holiday.


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